Belinda reveals that they have new songs that she can record by 2023

Belinda reveals that they have new songs that she can record by 2023


Belinda has revealed part of the projects she wants to develop for 2023, although the Mexican has given a lot to talk about throughout the year, mainly due to strictly personal and heart issues, the 33-year-old singer, now will seek to capture his energy upon his return to music.

The pop star, who spent much of this 2022 in the eye of the hurricane due to the break with the regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal, is thinking of releasing a couple of songs that according to her will catharsis in more than one person, according to The universal.

I want to release some songs that I composed a long time agoone called ‘Con los ojos cerrados’ and another called ‘K-brón’, which I have sung at concerts and people have gone crazy. I look forward to rerecording them and doing more of them for 2023 and getting them out in shape,” she said.

‘K-brón’ is a topic that has attracted attention, since many believe that it has to do with Christian Nodal. The song talks about a breakup in a couple and the reaction that a man can have before a separation, so it is not by chance that it is believed to be related to the author of ‘Adiós amor’.

“You thought that when you left that without you I could not, that I would not get over you, I would always be sad. The days passed and you were surprised when you lost me. I no longer believe in your words, don’t ask me for forgiveness, not anymore. I tell you no. I don’t want a man who thinks he’s better than me. Always fighting and acting like a motherfucker”.

In the first months of this year, Belinda and Christian announced their separation, something that was surprising, since months before they had both been engaged. For months the singer remained silent, while he made all kinds of references to the also actress, even indicating that the former star of children’s soap operas I was with him out of interest.

According to Belinda herself, ‘K-brón’ is a song that has connected with the public that attends her concerts, since the lyrics show how a man’s behavior can be when a relationship ends. In addition, its rhythm, of the urban genre, has been liked by the star.

‘K-brón’ was a piece that cannot be found on any album at the moment, but after Belinda indicated that she can re-record it, it may be included in a possible new production. A few weeks ago, Belinda returned to the stage in the context of the 2000’s Pop Tour something that was received positively by the public.

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