Bellas de Noche: which fichera film artists are still alive

Bellas de Noche: which fichera film artists are still alive

He file cinema was a film genre in Mexico that had its peak in the 70s and 80s, in which several actresses known as vedettes who managed to conquer the public with their beauty.

But just the February 14th he file cinema saw leave Sasha Montenegro, one of the best-known faces within the genre and protagonist of more than 70 films. After the news, several doubts arose about who are the vedettes who marked the era of “Mexican sex comedies” and who are still in force.

One of the vedettes who remains in the public eye and continues to participate in programs or shows is Lyn May, who during the ficheras era stood out for his way of dancing, as well as his performances in nightclubs. She currently performs shows in bars.

Angelica Chain, he ventured into ficheras cinema at the age of 17 and was considered one of the most beautiful faces, but after his time of glory he disappeared from the entertainment industry. Among her most notable roles is her At 67, the actress maintains her private life.

The also violinist Olga Breskin is another vedette which was very popular in the ficheras cinema. Her participation in Bellas de Noche made her gain greater popularity, but at 71 years old, the actress prefers to stay away from the genre.

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