Mayonnaise brand forgives Pedro Sola after controversial mistake;  repeats commercial – 24 Hours

Mayonnaise brand forgives Pedro Sola after controversial mistake; repeats commercial – 24 Hours

Driver Pedrito Sola made history, this after repeating without errors a tradel for a prestigious mayonnaise brand.

After 16 years of that “epic mistake” that the host of Ventaneando, Pedro Sola, had when promoting the famous Hellmann’s mayonnaise and confuse it with another from the competition; The beloved driver, after being the target of memes and a financial fine of 75 thousand pesos that would have been deducted from 5 per fortnight, faced the test again, with the intention of redeeming himself from his “slip.”

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It was this Wednesday, February 14, that, as a show of forgiveness and in order to iron out laziness, the Hellmann’s brand decided to forgive ‘Uncle Pedrito’. That is why they launched a commercial to welcome the beginning of Lent, but using the brand’s product and no other.

What better way to express love than by giving a second chance to those who have failed in the past! It was like Pati Chapoy, announcing the revival of the commercial, but yes, generating expectation similar to the revelation of who the murderer is in a suspense series.

And, a little nervous, Pedro, a little nervous, left his seat to do the promotional. During the announcement, the DJ also spoke of the excellent flavor that said product has, which is why it can be used in an excellent recipe, such as “Uncle Peter’s” fish taquitos.

However, there was a moment of tension during his promotion, because just before saying the name of the brand, in the forum it was observed as if some were “praying” that Pedro would not make a mistake again and say McCormickbut it was not like that, because unlike in the past, on this occasion there was no mistake and Pedro Sola said “Hellmann’s!”, while a mariachi appears in the forum and a bottarga from the packaging of said brand gives him a bouquet of roses in synonymous with joy and celebration.

On the other hand, the presenter, Sergio Sepúlveda, enters the frame and celebrates the canonical event, with which Pati Chapoy’s partner redeems himself before Mexican television and the mayonnaise industry.

“Breaking news, Hellmann’s forgives Pedro Sola,” he mentioned.

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As expected, Internet users were quick to react to the Hellmann’s mayonnaise commercial, which “gives a special touch” to things; Within the comments they highlighted that it has been one of the best commercial strategies in recent years, despite the fact that on this occasion the promotional was recorded earlier unlike almost two decades ago.


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