Blake Lively’s apology to Kate Middleton for making fun of the edited photo – El Diario NY

Blake Lively’s apology to Kate Middleton for making fun of the edited photo – El Diario NY


After Blake Lively made a joke about the failed image that Kate Middleton published on her social networks on Mother’s Day, which became the center of controversy due to excessive digital retouching, after learning that the princess has cancer, The actress offered an apology.

It all started with the photo that Middleton shared on March 10 after a long period of time without being seen in public. Although the image was intended to dispel speculation about her health, it ended up generating a new scandal: the large number of modifications that the image underwent led the British princess herself to confess that it was she who had edited it and apologize. Immediately, social networks were filled with memes, jokes and comments about it, and Blake Lively couldn’t help but join in the mockery.

“I am very excited to share this new photo that I just took today to announce our four new products,” the actress wrote alongside a rudely retouched image in which she is seen lying on a lounge chair, with a pool in the background and a can of its brand of “gourmet sodas.” “Now you know why I’ve been missing”, he concluded, alluding to the Princess of Wales.

Although the publication generated some laughter, it was also filled with comments that disapproved of the actress’s joke. However, Lively’s reaction and apology came after the video in which Middleton reappears in public to tell, in the first person and without intermediaries, who has cancer.

“I’m sure no one cares today, but I feel like I have to admit it,” she wrote in an Instagram story. “I made a silly post about the ‘Photoshop fail’ frenzy and that post has me mortified today,” she confessed. “I’m sorry. Sending love and good wishes to everyone, always”, he said goodbye.

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