Nava Mau triumphs with the series ‘Baby Reindeer’, learn the story of the Mexican actress – El Diario NY

Nava Mau triumphs with the series ‘Baby Reindeer’, learn the story of the Mexican actress – El Diario NY

Nava Mau

Some critics They have rated ‘Baby Reindeer’ as the best series of the year. Although this may be debatable for many, the truth is that the Netflix miniseries has been talked about on social networks throughout the week.

‘Baby Reindeer’ premiered on the streaming platform on April 11. What has attracted the most is that the story it tells is real, it is the story of what Richard Gadd, the same screenwriter and protagonist of the miniseries, experienced.

Additionally, the story has caught the attention of some Latinos for the presence of the Mexican trans actress Nava Mauwho in the story plays Teri, who is an important character for the plot, especially for its protagonist.

It must be said that ‘Baby Reindeer’ focuses on the life of Donny Dunna man who works in a bar and whose goal is to become a professional comedian. One day a girl, Martha, arrives at the bar, and after some help from Donny, she becomes a stalker for at least three years.

Everything that happens in the series, including emails and messages, happened in real life.

Who is Nava Mau?

The success that ‘Baby Reindeer’ has had on the platform It has also translated into success for the Mexican Nava Mausince many media are currently talking about it. She has a degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences from Pomona College, and also studied in Paris, France.

Of course, his career did not begin with this series, even if you are interested You can also see it in ‘Genera+ion’available on HBO Max, and on ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Awakening’.

Nava He was born in Mexico City, but moved with his family to San Antonio, Texasin United States. From a very young age she began to participate as an actress in some projects, but it is said that she understood that she wanted to dedicate herself to acting after recording the short film ‘Waking Hour’.

It should be noted that Nava not only starred in the short ‘Waking Hour’, she was also the writer and director. This piece was shown at several film festivals, and soon after she auditioned for the role of Teri.

Her acting career has been developed alongside activism for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ communityespecially as a counselor and for survivors of violence in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also participates in projects and campaigns against violence and for political education.

“For 8 years, Nava worked in the fields of healing justice and cultural change with community service providers, student organizations, and survivors of violence,” the official website reads. Her work has made her the winner of the NewFest Audience Award and the YoSoy Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

His character in ‘Baby Reindeer’ is also important to put on the table some prejudices and fears that trans people have to live withsince the protagonist of the series wants to hide his relationship with her. He doesn’t want them to find out that he is dating a trans woman.

“I hope every person who worked on this is as proud as I am. I’m so lucky that Teri belonged to me for a while. Now, this story belongs to the world, and it is beautiful to see what everyone is doing with it,” the actress recently wrote on her Instagram account.

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