Canada launches employment for Latinos with a salary of 22 dollars per hour I REQUIREMENTS

Canada launches employment for Latinos with a salary of 22 dollars per hour I REQUIREMENTS

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The government of Canada launches a job offer through the Job Bank work platform, the job position offered is available for Latinos who wish to work for a salary of 22 Dollars by hour. The job vacancy offered is full-time and it is requested that interested parties be willing to start working as soon as possible, a square permanent employment.

The position to be filled is to work as a cook, the person interested in this employment You will be in charge of the preparation and plating of individual foods, a la carte dishes or complete dinners, you must also be in charge of the design of the menu taking into account that the place where you will work is a sushi restaurant, you must also determine the size of the portions which will be served per plate.

As part of the work of job You must also be in charge of making a budget to cover the supplies necessary to prepare the food and follow up on the orders of products and groceries needed in the restaurant. Based on this information, you must also calculate the total cost of the food and dishes. that are offered as part of the restaurant menu.

Requirements and benefits of this job for Latinos in Canada

In addition to the tasks already mentioned, the person hired to fill this position job You will be in charge of supervising the kitchen and service staff who work in the restaurant and must carry out and supervise cleaning tasks to ensure that the hygiene of the entire premises is impeccable at all times. Being in charge of the business, he must also participate in the hiring process of the staff that will be in his charge, as well as managing the kitchen tasks that he will assign to each of his assistants.

To apply to this vacant of employment is requirement It is essential to master the English language and have a secondary education certificate. The salary offered is 22 Dollars by hour. For the employer, it is necessary that the person interested in covering this vacant have previous experience in a similar job, so it is requirement have between 2 and 3 years of experience in a similar job position.

This job position is for work full-time 30 to 40 hours per week, this is a completely in-person job, people who can apply for the job must have Canadian citizenship, be legal residents or have a valid work permit granted by the government. If there is a job vacancy for latinos in Canada you are interested and you cover the requirements that are requested, make your application by clicking here.

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