Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $3,700 per month Without speaking English!

Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with a salary of $3,700 per month Without speaking English!


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Leaving home in search of a better quality of life is the goal of thousands of people, and today we are going to present to you that this chance I could offer it to you nothing more and nothing less than Canadawell the employment which has become popular in recent days and is perfect for latinos and the best of all is that you can earn a salary of up to 3,700 dollars a month, and this is what you need to know about it.

Let us remember that said north american nation has had great popularity in recent years, since according to reports it is part of top 10 of the most powerful economies in the world, so year after year millions of latinos They travel long distances until they fully establish themselves in this nation that without a doubt is going to give you a chance to begin to develop that professionally beyond the borders where we were born.

And it has been through portal, It was announced that a major Canadian network is looking for a person who meets the profile to take the position as Aeronautical Methods Agent, and the best of all is that for this employment vacancy It wont be necesary speak English; However, it is a specialized position for which you could earn up to $3,700 a month.

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According to the aforementioned profile, those interested in this job They must keep in mind that to be one of those considered, they must be returned and with a five years experience at least, as well as studies or specialties within the following branches: aeronautical engineers, industrial engineers, electrical engineers, electromechanical engineers or aeronautical manufacturing.

What do I need to work in Canada for $3,700 a month?

It is important to mention that within the first requirements what is asked to be able to be as sidereal to this job is that the applicant be able to fully understand the technical drawings, as well as good 3D visualization and analytical skills of the design, since they must also be fully familiar with aircraft manufacturing in the structural and/or systems and/or electric; these would be some of your tasks in charge:

  • Provide support to the assembly line and respond to all operations requests.
  • Establish assembly and manufacturing strategies for aircraft components.
  • Define the tools necessary to manufacture or assemble aircraft components in order to ensure that the required geometric tolerance is met.
  • Harmonize the implementation of engineering changes or assembly strategies, working in close collaboration with the engineering, materials logistics, quality and production departments.
  • Actively participate in production support, coordinating the resolution of technical problems with other support departments.
  • Find ways to improve assembly and manufacturing strategies, as well as participate in research and development projects

In order to be considered within this job position that opens in Canada, It is important that you make a Curriculum Vitae where you talk about your skills, previous experiences and also studies, as you must keep in mind that the selection process lasts almost a month and the candidate You don’t need to speak English but you do need to speak French. since this is another of the languages ​​that is most spoken in said North American territory.


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