Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with secondary school with a salary of 32 dollars per hour

Canada launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos with secondary school with a salary of 32 dollars per hour


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Several years, Canada It is positioned as one of the dream countries of thousands of people who are looking for a better life quality, since the levels of opportunities have completely exceeded expectations, and that is why it is vain for you to present a employment vacancy which has been positioned as one of the most attractive in recent days, and the best of all is that you don’t need studies beyond the secondary level.

It is important to mention that many latinos They have seen the need to get out of their countries of origin due to the poor conditions they face in the territory where they were born, so said North American country is one of the most attractive for them, and even if you don’t believe it, many companies They open their doors to people who are limited in their studies and that is why this option may be perfect for you.

It has been through portal where this important has been launched job offer which is perfect for latinos who only have a secondary school certificate, since in Surrey, British Columbia It is requested that one person cover the Production supervisor vacancy – wood products manufacturing, and the best of all is that you could have a salary of up to $32 per hour; These are the activities that you would be in charge of:

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  • Prepare and present reports.
  • Set work schedules
  • Train or arrange training
  • Monitor the security of operations.
  • Requisition or order of materials, equipment and supplies.
  • Configure machines and equipment.
  • Supervise, coordinate and schedule (and possibly review) worker activities.
  • Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity.
  • Recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality.

What do I need to work in Canada for $32 an hour?

According to the aforementioned portal, the vacant It is perfect for people who do not have studies mid-level or higher; However, if experience is needed within the construction branch, Since the person hired must have a high level of responsibility, good judgment, must be extremely organized and with great attention to details, since he or she could be in charge of a team of five to 10 people.

If you are one of those interested in this employment vacancy We recommend that you do a Curriculum vitae where you make a brief explanation of your skills and work experiences above, since if you cover the profile the company will contact you to formalize the hiring.


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