Canada launches employment for people without studies with a salary of 18 dollars per hour

Canada launches employment for people without studies with a salary of 18 dollars per hour

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Canada launches job opportunity with a salary of 18 Dollars by hourthe person who is interested in this possibility of employment You must be willing to start working as soon as possible, this offer is a square of employment full-time with the possibility of having permanent work. The employer requests that the person hired work 30 hours per week.

The position offered is for work As a housekeeper, the person interested in this job will be able to choose whether they want to work during the morning or in the evening shift, the salary offered is 18 Dollars by hourno type of academic preparation is required to apply for this job offer, but it is necessary to have experience in a similar job position, as well as be fluent in English.

Some of the characteristics that the employer requires in the person applying for this job are that they conduct themselves honestly, that they have communication skills, that they be reliable, that they conduct themselves with initiative, that they have flexibility to organize their work schedules. jobbe punctual and, above all, be willing to provide the best customer service during your work day.

Requirements and benefits of this vacancy in Canada for people without studies

The tasks that must be performed by the person who obtains the job They consist of washing windows, walls and ceilings, taking care of washing household linen, as well as bedding, tablecloths and curtains, disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning kitchen and bathroom utensils and appliances, keeping beds clean and made, taking care of vacuum carpets and rugs, dust surfaces, sweep, mop and polish floors.

One of the benefits that this offers employment It is totally optional accommodation in the employer’s house, salary of 18 Dollars by houraccessible public transportation if needed. If you are a newcomer to Canada or you are a young person looking for your first job, you can apply to this vacant to register your request. If you have to move to be closer to work, the expenses are the responsibility of the employer.

The person interested in filling this job must agree to a review of their criminal record being carried out, in this job repetitive tasks are carried out, whoever aspires to this position must be aware of this condition. If you meet the requirements that the employer is requesting and the benefits offered seem attractive to you, do not hesitate to apply directly by clicking here.

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