Carolina Sandoval worries her fans about photos from the hospital: “In this life we ​​are just passing through” – El Diario NY

Carolina Sandoval worries her fans about photos from the hospital: “In this life we ​​are just passing through” – El Diario NY

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Presenter Carolina Sandoval took the opportunity to raise awareness among her followers about the importance of having regular medical checkups and listening to their body, since ended up worrying more than one after uploading several photos from a hospital: “Today I woke up early as always, I said my prayers, I meditated, I exercised, and I prepared for my appointment at the gastroenterologist.”

The Venezuelan shared a gallery of images and in the description decided to explain what had happened. For this reason, she added the following: “I went to my gastroenterologist, thank God I had not eaten, he checked me and thank God for prevention “He immediately sent me to have an endoscopy.”

“I immediately went to the center where they performed the procedure and I really “I couldn’t be more grateful to God for putting so many beautiful and empathetic people in my path.”wrote.

“They prepared me for the endoscopy, I met all the medical staff in charge of me and as I always tell them, In this life we ​​are passing through and in a hospital we are all equal And although obviously those of us who decided to be “public” are recognized, but in my case each person who came to me today was absolutely respectful and affectionate,” he continued in the post.

Carolina shared on the camera’s social network that, due to her diagnosis of gastritis, she had to modify her diet and start following a healthier and more balanced diet. This has allowed him to not only manage her health condition, but also improve her overall well-being and lose weight.

The host highlighted the treatment she received from the health center staff: “Thank you all for being so kind and I suggest to everyone who goes to the doctor, treat everyone the way you want to be treated, wear nice underwear (never wear know) and don’t eat before going to the doctor, you never know… I just went to the doctor, I had no idea they would do a procedure on me today.”

We hope that he recovers soon and returns stronger than ever to continue conquering hearts with his unique personality. Good luck, Carolina!

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