Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann were not allowed to attend the Premio Lo Nuestro gala – El Diario NY

Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann were not allowed to attend the Premio Lo Nuestro gala – El Diario NY

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Last Thursday night Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann recorded a video uploaded to Instagram stories, where they mentioned that after appearing on the magenta carpet they did not manage to enter the Premio Lo Nuestro 2024 ceremony after an error that was recorded with the tickets.

Both artists expressed their discontent and disappointment at not being able to attend the event, where they hoped to be able to share with colleagues in the music industry. Furthermore, they pointed out that They had been preparing and excited about the possibility of winning a prize on such an important night for Latin music.

“Hello to all of our followers. Well here we are, we left Premio Lo Nuestro, apparently we are not going to be with you because They gave us the wrong tickets and apparently there were no tables anymore, This is something that surprises me a little bit,” Christopher said.

Faced with this unusual situation, RBD fans expressed their support for the group members and They criticized the lack of organization in the delivery of tickets for the event. Many considered it unfair that two such important artists in Latin music could not attend a gala in which they were also nominated.

“Apparently a strange organization. We’re going to go to dinner now. The nominees did not enter the event because they did not have the appropriate tickets,” Christian added.

Despite not being able to be physically present at the ceremony, Christian and Christopher promised to continue their musical careers. Both were optimistic and confident in continuing to achieve success in the world of entertainment.

“It hurts us a lot to have come to Miami and apparently Premio Lo Nuestro didn’t have our places. It hurts us in the name of RBD, but we are bigger than this“said Uckermann.

Definitely, This anecdote will remain marked in the history of Premio Lo Nuestro as an unexpected and surprising event. which demonstrated the importance of good organization and logistics in events of this magnitude. Despite everything, RBD remains an iconic group in Latin music and their fans will always be supporting them in every step they take in their individual careers.

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