New York launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish for $4,500 a month

New York launches EMPLOYMENT for people who speak Spanish for $4,500 a month


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Being able to live in the city of NYis one of the main objectives of thousands of people who have been amazed by one of the most important metropolises in the world, and believe it or not, now that land can become a reality, since through portal one has been offered employment vacancy in the Big Apple for people who speak Spanish with a salary of $4,500 per month; this is what you have to know.

Let us remember that many times, the barrier of language It is one of the limitations for people who seek to expand their professional horizons and seek job beyond the borders where we were born, but in the territory of the USAthe job positions that are offered in the also known as the ‘City that never sleeps’, since now the positions are increasingly more inclusive.

Proof of this is the workplace that has been opened on the aforementioned portal, where it was reported that in Bronx, New York the company Meraki R&T Company, You need a person who fulfills the position of Customer Support, but one of the essential requirements is that the person hired speaks perfectly Spanish, so the range of applicants is much wider.

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People who are interested in applying for this important offer are recommended to make a Curriculum vitae where they make a brief description of your skills and previous work experiences, and then contact Francisco Pérez at 646-972-1848, as he is in charge of HR and be able to make a face-to-face interview and grant the aforementioned document; This is what you should know about it.

What do I need to work in New York for $4,500 a month?

Past those interested, we are looking for a person who has experience within the customer service for this important telephone company in the New York City, so you must have a way with words, empathy and a lot of patience to be able to offer buyers a much more personalized presentation and also the quality of the company, so if you are one of those selected you can end up having a salary of 300 to 800 dollars a week.

Payment is per week and will depend on the type of day that you are looking to choose, which ranges from partial to complete, and among the main requirements that you must meet are some of the following, such as those that we are going to present to you below:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Good command of Spanish.
  • ease of speech,
  • Excellent attitude.
  • Have immediate availability.


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