Christian Nodal in trouble? I would have to pay a millionaire sum to avoid lawsuit

Since mid-March rumors began about a lawsuit against the parents of Christian Nodalbecause he would have committed a fraudHowever, yesterday the Ventaneando program linked up with a businessman鈥檚 lawyer, who assured that the singer鈥檚 debt would be increasing.

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In conversation with the Azteca evening paper, Lawyer Carlos Morales assured that the businessman from Chihuahua sued Nodal for not showing up for two concerts and, in addition, not having returned the advance that was deposited.

According to the litigant, the debt of Christian Nodal could have reached more than 1 million 100 thousand pesos accumulated to the initial deposit amount. And it is that the one represented by Charles Morales would have invested a certain amount of money in the concerts without using these resources.

鈥淚 want to clarify that yes, indeed, the advances of 650 thousand pesosbut apart from all the debt or rather the damage caused to my representative (Nodal and his parents) it is already 1 million 100 thousand pesos because enough expenses were made for an event of this nature, 鈥淐arlos mentioned to Ventaneando Morales.

On the other hand, on March 24 the company JC Music issued a statement where it denied that Nodal or his team had received such a deposit:

鈥淚t is obvious that what the complainant wants today is to obtain economic benefit in some way. trying to tarnish the good name of our artist.

鈥淚t is fully known that the cancellation of the aforementioned concerts was solely and exclusively your responsibilityas will be accredited at the time before the corresponding authority and of which we will keep you informed 鈥, it could be read in it.

In this regard and in conversation with the program, the lawyer explained that if the deposit was false, the authorities would not haveserious about starting the legal process.

Carlos Morales pointed out that have the documents about the depositwhich would not have been returned and would have even tripled due to accumulated expenses.

The answer was the following: 鈥淚f we had not shown the Public ministry that at least this deposit was made as an advance payment for the contracting of a service, the Public Ministry would not even have admitted the complaint鈥.

鈥淲e have the suitable documents to prove that the amount of 650 thousand pesos and the other million and a half that is being claimed were transferred through bank deposits are the expenses of an event, sound income, real estate income, and the damage caused by quantifying it in 2 million 150 thousand pesos鈥.

So far heThe singer鈥檚 defense has not issued any comment on the matterbut the litigant of the businessman from Chihuahua reiterated that the singer appears in the lawsuit 23 years old, his artistic representative and two legal entities who are 鈥渢he handlers鈥.

Originally posted on The Herald of Chihuahua

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