Chucho, the little poblano from Coxcatlán who went viral thanks to Amanda Miguel

Chucho, the little poblano from Coxcatlán who went viral thanks to Amanda Miguel

Mutt, a 9 year old boy old originally from Pueblaappeared the last December 26 on the TikTok platform while he is seen singing the song with a lot of feeling “castles” of amanda miguelin a video that has achieved a total of 15 million 300 thousand viewswhich made it viral nationwide.

Is about Jesus Yasiel Bravo Garciawhose life has been changed, since, in addition to going viral, he will have the opportunity to be able to be at the concert of the Argentine singer at the National Auditorium during the month of March.

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This because of His sentiment captivated users on social networks and Amanda Miguel herself, who did not miss the opportunity to share it with her followers.

How did Chucho go viral?

everything happened in the past Monday December 26 being 19:00 hours, when the sister of the minor, Marian Bravo Garciadomiciled in the auxiliary board of CalipamMunicipality of Coxcatlanuploaded a 31-second video to the Tik Tok platform.

Nevertheless, never imagined that the feeling, the factions, the bodily movements and the form in how he interpreted the theme of amanda miguelcatapult and make viral nationwide to the minor Chuchoto the extent that some brands are already looking for it.

The little one admits to being surprised by what is happening, so his dream of being a teacher and driver of the ADO has now changedsince it has the interest of being youtuberas he firmly assures that he will continue to make more videos.

Sitting in the middle of his mom Rebeca Garcia Torres and his older sister Marianeveryone says that this has changed his way of lifeWell, now that the little one goes out into the street, he intercept to ask for a photo or simply to say hello and spend a while with him.

In the same way they say that they have been contacted by television companies, radio stations, state media and others who want to interview them, this after the video that catapulted him into networks.

“All this is unexpected, since they have recorded many videos and we thought that this was going to be one more video,” quotes Rebeca, who clarifies that he does not sing, since he only learned a part of the song and he even sang it when He was in the patio of his house and it was his sister who came up with the idea of ​​recording it, without imagining the impact it would have hours later.

Despite all that, shows joy for what their children are experiencingespecially for being viral on social networks and even better for being national news to the degree of being contacted by the artist Amanda Miguelwho already invited them to his concert for which are ready to go see her, without knowing how they will make herbut they have the firm intention of going.

Mutt explain what He likes that song by Amanda Miguel and excitesso, always smiling, he sends a message to the children and tells them to be happy and to make videos too.

Chucho and his desire to share more videos

The family explained that all this they are living is new for themsince in addition to being congratulated on the video, there are also malicious people who have made fun of little Chuchín.

Despite that, The youngest of three brothers points out that he will continue making videos to have fun together with her sister.

For his part, Marianolder sister, manifest being shocked at how viral her little brother wentwho is a lover of dogs and cats, with whom he sometimes spends his time playing.

Because of that, they will continue working on more multimedia contentthanks to society’s response, which has sent greetings, congratulations, tokens of affection and there have also been some ill-intentioned people who have made fun of the minor.

On the artist’s side amanda miguelSince he shared Chucho’s video, he has received a large number of comments from his fans about how the little boy perfectly represented the feelings she expresses in his songs.

Some artists and actresses like consolation duval joined these comments and caused the material to continue to increase in visits.

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Therefore, the December 28 Amanda Miguel made the invitation to Chucho official to accompany him at his next concert on March 16 at the National Auditoriumwhere the minor will seek to attend to sing with the same feeling and together with thousands of people “castles” and other of his favorite songs.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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