Cristián de la Fuente is in trouble: Karyme Lozano will file a lawsuit against him – El Diario NY

Cristián de la Fuente is in trouble: Karyme Lozano will file a lawsuit against him – El Diario NY

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“I want to love you” is the soap opera in which Cristián de la Fuente and Karyme Lozano They shared credits more than 10 years ago. A few months ago the soap opera was broadcast again on the “TLnovelas” channel and Karyme broke the silence with the press by pointing out that the Chilean actor carried out a series of psychological attacks against her.

However, this story is far from remaining in the past, The Mexican recently spoke with the Mexican press and assured that she has begun to consult with a lawyer with the purpose that the charges against the Chilean are correct.

“I am in this process of informing myself, learning and collecting all the data so that I can be allowed to validate my case. I understand women who do not dare to report because it is not easy, but if I can help someone by telling them about my experience, how wonderful.“Lozano said in an interview with the press in his country, as reported by Mezcal TV.

In this conversation, Karyme Lozano also took the opportunity to dismiss Cristian de la Fuente’s statements, in which he claimed that she had refused to record some risque scenes with him due to religious reasons. Lozano assures that this is not the case since above all is her professionalism as an actress.

And be careful, the soap opera-loving public knows a lot about this professionalism, since this project together with the Chilean was not the first leading role for the actress, who knows that all the projects in which she has been at the head and/or has co-starring have been a resounding success on Mexican and Hispanic television.

These are some of the great soap operas that make up the actress’s resume: “The Talisman”, “My Beloved Girl”, “The Spring” and “Three Women”.

On the other hand, we must also remember that before working together on “ Quiero Amarte ”, the actors had already worked together on “ Soñar nocost nada ”, from 2005. Where they were also the leading couple in the project. However, nothing much was ever said about this project. It is worth adding that the production was from Venevisión.

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