Cruz Azul could not beat Atlas and left its direct entry into the Mexican soccer League on hold – La Opinión

Cruz Azul could not beat Atlas and left its direct entry into the Mexican soccer League on hold – La Opinión

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Blue Cross was able to obtain its direct pass to the Clausura 2024 league on this penultimate day, since beating the Atlas It guaranteed your direct income; However, he could only get a 2-2 draw and he will have to fight for his ticket on the last date, although it is worth clarifying that reclassification is already assured.

The match started uphill for the light blue team, who despite being at home in the Blue Stadium, received a 0-2 that put them against the wall, based on speed and good definition from the red and black team.

The first goal fell via penalty 12 minutes into the game, after John Murillowho was a nightmare for the Zorros defensewas knocked down in the area and the maximum penalty was declared, which Eduardo Aguirre took minutes later to open the scoring.

Atlas retreated, waiting for a counterattack that would hurt the Machine and it arrived at minute 38, when Raymundo Fulgencio threatened Erik Lira and he won, making a serious mistake that the red-and-black took advantage of to enable Mateo García and he, in turn , to attend to Angel Marquezwho put the momentary 0-2 on the board with a powerful shot that left goalkeeper Kevin Mier with no chance.

Cruz Azul seemed disconcerted, but a few minutes later he managed to momentarily level the score in an almost miraculous way, when Ignacio Rivero took advantage of a series of rebounds and sent the ball into the back of the net with a header.

For the second part, Martín Anselmi moved his pieces and brought in Camilo Cándido with the task of stopping the deployments of John Murillo, the main orchestrator of the Guadalajara counter-coups.

The tactical movement paid off and little by little Cruz Azul began to worry less about the losses and focused on the attack.

At minute 71, Cándido himself sentenced the scoreby sending a cross that ended up going into the back of the net after having an unusual effect.

With this result, Cruz Azul reached 30 points, placed itself as the third best team in the championship and displaced Rayados in the general table, although a combination of results between the teams fighting to enter the Liguilla could send it to reclassification, but For the moment, destiny is in your hands, since With a victory on their visit to Toluca they will be able to get the pass no matter what the others do.

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