The House of Famous People 4: Hours before elimination, Aleska turns her back on Alana Lliteras – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: Hours before elimination, Aleska turns her back on Alana Lliteras – El Diario NY

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Aleska Génesis seems to have signed her exit ticket from La Casa de los Famosos 4after the constant confrontations she has had against Alana Lliteras, hours before the 13th elimination. Fans who follow the reality show believe that this conflict has been intentional, with the sole objective of removing someone she herself called a “friend” from the competition.

How are the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 going today, just hours before the 13th elimination

Given the facts, the fans exploded against the Venezuelan and there are many who even ask the following question: What Machiavellian game did Aleska Génesis unleash?and Alana is nominated, it is evident that any drama against her can motivate the public against her, and for this reason Aleska is receiving strong attacks on social networks: “Weren’t they friends?”, This Yes, it is betrayal!”, “Alana didn’t deserve this”, “I hope Alana doesn’t even think about preparing something to eat for this woman”.

Cristina Porta, Geraldine Bazán and La Melaza already understood Aleska Génesis’ game and they have discovered that their friendship for Alana was not only insincere.

On the other hand, reality fans have witnessed the Venezuelan’s double game. At first they saw her as an undercover agent on land, carrying information to water, but now they realized that she is looking to betray her family. But her calculations could abandon her because the land fans don’t want her there and now neither do the water fans.

His actions have unleashed absolute and resounding rejection. Fans of the three quarters, water, fire and earth, are asking that the Venezuelan enter the SUM to eliminate her from the game for next week.

At the moment, facing the elimination, the fans of Lupillo Rivera and La Melaza are activated voting for Lliteras, hoping that tonight the one eliminated will be Rodrigo Romeh. At the moment the votes show a preference for Alana, but there is fear among the inhabitants, because they do not know how the public has perceived this conflict between the Venezuelan and the Mexican.

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