Cruz Azul increases its dominance in the “Clásico Joven” friendlies by beating América 3-2 – La Opinión

Cruz Azul increases its dominance in the “Clásico Joven” friendlies by beating América 3-2 – La Opinión

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The “Celestial Machine” of Cruz Azul increased its dominance in friendly matches in the history of the “Clásico Joven” by beating the “Águilas” of America 3-2 in the twentieth confrontation of this nature since 51 years ago when both teams met for the first time in Mexican soccer and now when they saw each other at the Dignity Health Sports Park stadium, a place where the followers of both teams put together a tremendous party trying to motivate their respective squads.

The light blues won this victory that paid too much for the moral aspect of Cruz Azul with a great performance by Argentine Carlos Rotondi, who contributed with two goals to beat an American team that could have had a very costly duel due to the injury of Spaniard Álvaro Fidalgo, who had to leave the game in the first half due to muscle discomfort.

The victory was the tenth in 20 friendly games that have faced each other since 1963, in a history full of battles and incredible duels between both teams and that this afternoon did not disappoint due to the great effort they gave on the field of the home of LA Galaxy.

The important thing about the match is that both teams took advantage of the FIFA break to stay active and what better in a confrontation with so much history and that did not disappoint anyone, since both Cruz Azul and América offered themselves on the field of play with a match full of emotions and offensive vocation.

Because both Cruzazulinos and Americanistas had periods of good football, resulting in a confrontation of somersaults, where América had the advantage on the scoreboard on two occasions, but in the end Cruz Azul came from behind and with goals from Rotondi, they were able to take the lead. the stock market this moral victory.

America struck first

América was the team that struck twice in the first half, where the Spanish Álvaro Fidalgo put the American team ahead after a series of rejections in which the Hispanic midfielder ended up solving by simply pushing the ball into the nets. Then Ángel Sepúlveda equalized in a great play, taking off goalkeeper Óscar Jiménez and touching the ball into the net.

Subsequently, the young Illián Hernández came to make it 2-1 before going to half-time and showing a dominance of América where the worst was predicted for Cruz Azul and the reinforcement of the paternity of the “Águilas” over the Cruz Azul team.

Spectacular somersault

For the second half came the best moment for Cruz Azul with the goals of the Argentine Carlos Rotondi, who was the architect of the reaction of the team led by the Argentine Martín Anselmi, who practically took control of the actions and began to arrive with a lot of danger on the American goal until a complete siege was generated that led to the goals of the South American forward to head towards victory with a spectacular 3-2 somersault in a new edition of this rivalry that exceeded all expectations due to the way in which both squads performed. at Dignity Stadium Health Sports Park.

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