Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: SUNDAY, March 24, 2024

Price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico: SUNDAY, March 24, 2024


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Without a doubt, this month of March has proven to be one of the most important for the mexican economy, Well, the Mexican peso continues with its good streak and is gaining ground against the American dollar since it has remained on a favorable streak and this means that the inflation and the economic crisis who has left the COV ID-19 pandemic has begun to give way; This is the exchange rate that you will find the coin of the north american nation in the different branches of Mexico today Sunday March 34th.

It is important to mention that for a couple of days, the Bank of Mexico cut interest rates by 25 basis points, to eleven%which means its first reduction in almost three yearsafter the monetary authority had to toughen its stance to control the pressure on consumer prices, reasons why the peso is in a stage of uncertainty, as some specialists say they are waiting to see the next movements of the United States Federal Reserve.

On the other hand, the latest reports from this fourth and penultimate weekend of March 2024the peso has proven to continue in one of its best aspects, as it is below the 17 units against the dollar, trading at 16.76 on the morning of last Friday, March 22 and have remained until today 24, which means an appreciation of 0.19% compared to the previous day.

Price of the dollar in Mexico today March 24, 2024

According to the way in which the stock markets of the banks of Mexico Since last Friday, March 22, the values ​​of the US dollar have remained at 16.76 Mexican pesos per unit, Therefore, the currency of the Aztec territory appreciated 0.03 cents, equivalent to 0.19%; Below we are going to present to you at what price you will find the greenback at bank branches for buying and selling:

  • BBVA: (purchase) 15.76 pesos – (sale) 17.19 pesos.
  • Citibanamex: (purchase) 16.16 pesos – (sale) 17.16 pesos.
  • Banco Azteca: (purchase) 15.90 pesos – (sale) 17.29 pesos.
  • Santander: (buy) 15.60 pesos – (sell) 17.30 pesos.
  • Banorte: (purchase) 15.65 pesos – (sale) 17.05 pesos.
  • Scotiabank: (buy) 14.50 pesos – (sell) 17.80 pesos.
  • Inbursa: (purchase) 16.30 pesos – (sale) 18.00 pesos.
  • Banregio: (buy) 15.90 pesos – (sell) 17.30 pesos.
  • Banbajío: (buy)16.10 pesos – (sell) 17.30 pesos.

Price of the dollar in Latin America on March 24, 2024

It should be remembered that also the most important currencies of Latin America have shown a lot of diversity in how values ​​have held up against the US dollar. USA, today Sunday March 24, which undoubtedly presented mixed results, as some advanced ground compared to the greenback, while others had setbacks and depreciations; Next, we will let you know the behavior of the rest of the Latin American coins and its exchange rate today:

  • Brazilian real: 4.99 reais.
  • Colombian peso: 3,891 pesos.
  • Chilean peso: 983.26 pesos.
  • Argentine peso: 854.73 pesos.


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