Daniel Bisogno’s mother dies while he is hospitalized

Daniel Bisogno’s mother dies while he is hospitalized

Araceli Bisogno, driver’s mother Daniel Bisogno, passed away last Saturday night February 24th, that’s how it was reported through the different rTV Azteca social networks. At this time, details of his death have not been shared.

His death occurred just when his son, the Ventaneado presenter, was still hospitalized. due to medical complications, where he has had to receive specialized care and is waiting for your diagnosis improves so you can resume your activities.

Despite ‘The Doll’ He is considered one of the best-known faces of the mexican television, His mother was away from the entertainment world, as she always kept a low profile, although on occasion she did some public appearances with your son at special events.

Who was Araceli Bisogno?

She was a mother and housewife who was far from the sphere public most of his life. It was reported He married at the age of 15, and a year later he had his firstborn Daniel.

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In 2021, in a capsule of windowing, ‘El Muñe’ gave several details about what his childhood was like, specifically he talked about manner in which their mother treated them when they were children.

“She was always affectionate with us, He always behaved very well. He threw us the flip-flop, yes, but since one was on the run; He yelled at me wherever ‘Daniel’ was, blocks away, so I could go get my dad’s Coca,” he commented.

Then he added: “There are two or three things that They fit you very well, Christmas ravioli are a must, chicken with chipotle and cream that also suits you well. But two or three things, the rest I bought in the cheap kitchen.”

Finally, Daniel specified that it was thanks to her that he managed to have a place on television: “He took me and my two brothers to the castings, from ‘Get on the truck’, to ‘Route 100’.”

What is Daniel Bisogno’s health status?

Days ago it was commented that the The presenter’s condition was delicate, because they had to intubate him due to the medical complications, so he had to stay this way for several days.

Recently, his partner Pedro Sola confessed that he had made favorable progress, as he they withdrew that tube with which I was breathing and you can now do it on your own.

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“Fortunately, they took it away; Daniel answered well. He is already breathing on his own, obviously, they already woke him up,” Indian. At the moment it is not known when he will leave the hospital but the rest of the drivers hope it will be soon.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla

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