From Featherweight to Taylor Swift: the memes left by the 2024 Grammy Awards

From Featherweight to Taylor Swift: the memes left by the 2024 Grammy Awards

The edition 66 of the delivery of Grammy Awards 2024 left several emotional moments, such as the reappearance of Celine Dion after several years of absence from the stage, and the performance of Billie Eilish with her song “What Was I Made For?”

However, the people who watched the event through their screen also experienced some moments that they created.

Memes from the 2024 Grammy Awards

The swifties They decided to laugh at themselves when they received the news that Taylor would release a new album and it wouldn’t be her own version of Reputation.

Although many of Taylor’s fans also said they were satisfied.

Those who were also affected because their favorite artist did not win were the fans of King’s woolwho did not waste every opportunity they had to highlight that they believed this would be the good year for the American singer to win an award.

A moment that the audience did not miss was the presence of the corrido singer Featherweightwhich did not stand out precisely for an emotional message but for how his teeth looked.

In fact, while girlfriend Nicki Nicole was showered with praise, he was showered with criticism.

Another topic about which they contributed a lot of material on social networks was the one starring Céline Dion and Taylor Swift, when they highlighted that the “Love Story” singer ignored Dion when she gave her her award for Album of the Year.

The fans of Beyonce They also shared several videos about the singer’s husband’s speech, since the rapper Jay Z He told the Academy that his wife has never won an award for Best Album.

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