Danna Paola is canceled on social networks for a MALINCHISTA comment;  this said

Danna Paola is canceled on social networks for a MALINCHISTA comment; this said


danna Paola He does not leave one controversy to get into another. In recent months, she has been strongly attacked on social networks by Internet users who ask to cancel her for her words, which lately have gotten her into serious trouble, such was the occasion when she asked her millions of followers to attack a woman called Danna just because he wanted his ‘X’ (Twitter) username. In this same instance, she recently made a comment malinchista with which he received hundreds of criticisms.

Currently, he is promoting his new studio album called ‘Childstar’ that he released a couple of weeks ago, which came with the new news that he decided to change his stage name and leave it alone.danna“, as she now wants to be known and a fact that caused controversy for several weeks because she changed users on all platforms, although on Twitter she did not achieve her goal even though she encouraged her fans to act violently against a person who had the name she wanted.

Faced with this new stage in his life, he has been attending different national and Latin programs to reaffirm his new name and reveal more details about his new album. In one of the recent interviews she had, she carried out a dynamic where she had to choose between two topics that the interlocutor asked; However, her responses went viral and not in the best way, since they were not entirely well received by the Mexican public.


In one of the questions she was asked which country she preferred: Spain or Mexico? They asked her, to which she answered without hesitation that she opted for Spain instead of the country where she was born, grew up and built a career full of success. The comments from Internet users and the press were immediate, since she was considered “malinchista” by preferring the foreigner. Given this, she was compared to Ángela Aguilar and Yahritza and the essence of her.

Let us remember that the singer lived for a couple of years in Spain, this is because the filming for the Netflix series ‘Elite’ in which she acted took place there and when she signed her contract she moved, perhaps this is the reason why who considers it the best option. Until now, danna Paola He has not come out to give statements to clarify what happened

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