Angélica Vale: “I neither had surgery nor injected myself nor took pills” – El Diario NY

Angélica Vale: “I neither had surgery nor injected myself nor took pills” – El Diario NY

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Angelica Vale He has managed to lose weight and have his ideal size after several years of trying and he assures that it was not thanks to a cosmetic operation or magic pills. “Well, the (weight) I had before I got pregnant, but it was worth it. I will do it again and a thousand more times just to have those two kids (Angélica and Daniel).

“I didn’t have surgery or injections nor did I take the pill that sucks your belly in. Yes, it was a change of habit, with an App, which I am not advertising because they don’t pay me, that’s the truth, they should pay me!

The visibly thinner actress pointed out that being overweight never affected her career, because fortunately she always had work.

“Well, I never really stopped working, how many times did I not come fat to ‘Mentiras’? and they hired me at ‘Gaselina’ gordis, I lost weight during the process.”

Angélica attends the red carpet for the 200 performances of the musical “El Mago, The Wiz” accompanied by her mother Angélica María and her two children Angélica and Daniel, where she claims to be proud of her little girl, who had a brief interview with the media.

“I saw her with microphones, she is already very important, there she goes, half pocha but there she goes.”

The proud grandmother will support her grandchildren if they decide to follow in her footsteps. “They were born crazy too, (I will support them) of course, whatever they want. “They go to theater classes there in the United States, there is a little school for children and they are happy.”

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