David Faitelson in a new controversy and is involved in a fight with the TUDN presenter – La Opinión

David Faitelson in a new controversy and is involved in a fight with the TUDN presenter – La Opinión

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Once again David Faitelson is once again in the eye of the storm of public opinion and on this occasion it happened due to an argument he had with Rafa Puente Jr. on Línea de 4, which generated a great scandal in the career of the experienced social communicator, but this happened almost a week after having had another strong confrontation, but in This time with the former Pumas coach, he again found himself with a difference with a colleague from the TUDN network.

But the difference was that this time the crossing took place on social networks, a place where Faitelson very often exposes his ideas and thoughts without any filter and unleashes many comments, for better or worse. On this occasion, the fight was based on the prize that Liga MX awarded to the América club, since the Águilas were the ones that achieved the most points in the 17 dates of the Clausura 2024 tournament.

What happened and why?

This decision did not please Faitelson, who immediately let it be known through a message. on his official Don’t be ridiculous. That distinction does not exist or did not exist…”, published the former ESPN journalist.

The comment obviously had many good and bad responses, but the one that caused the most commotion was that of the chronicler Marco Cansino. The TUDN narrator did not share the point of view expressed by Faitelson, so he responded quite precisely without any hesitation: Marco Cansino invited him not to generate “controversies where there are none.”

For this reason, he categorically rejected the way in which he spoke of the recognition that he received André Jardiné’s team on the regular day of Clausura 2024, through

Marco Cansino spoke clearly and directly on networks

“Let’s not look for controversies where there are none. When Mikel Arriola announced months ago this recognition (not a trophy or title) it was not known that America would score more points than anyone else. Please! Start eating raisins for memory, David, they are good.”

But despite this, Faitelson had no restraint and responded to the message and expressed his discontent. to the award that América received and also let it be known that he did not agree with Pachuca being forced to play the Play In a day after having to compete in Concacaf.

Faitelson responds without half measures

“Sorry, but the ‘pasitas’ must be given to Mikel Arriola so that, instead of ‘premiecillos’ For America, prevent Pachuca from having a week like the one they are going to face… Ah… And I forgot that you were part of the ‘Club de los Jilgueros’…”, he stated.

Marco Cansino no longer followed the debate and did not respond to the last thing written by the former commentator and ESPN analyst, but some users of the

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