Luis Fonsi reveals that he “gets tired” of always being asked about his marriage to Adamari López – El Diario NY

Luis Fonsi reveals that he “gets tired” of always being asked about his marriage to Adamari López – El Diario NY

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Luis Fonsi recently held a meeting with Yordi Rosado, an interview where they addressed several topics and one of them was Adamari López, of whom the singer clearly does not feel comfortable when asked about what he experienced with the actress and television presenter.

It doesn’t bother me to talk about it, but it does get tiring. because, in my case, I am married and I have two children, I have children, especially the girl who is 12 years old and is a bright girl, she has the internet,” Fonsi responded to the Mexican driver.

However, the interpreter from Panama could not help but mention that: “Talking about the past doesn’t bother me, because I ended up well with Adamari and I respect her a lot. What I experienced was beautiful, I look back and only remember beautiful things. I have never said anything relatively negative about her, “Love simply ended and that happens, it happens to many people.”

López has said publicly on several occasions that her ex-husband does not like to talk about her in interviews and he mentions that this is already part of the past and he currently has a stable marriage, where there are also two children.

“I think it is a matter of respect for my wife, she is hyper mature, she has never said anything to me, but It must not be fun for her to have to read the news either and when I think of my daughter there is a thing of respect“, said.

“And also on the side of Ada and her daughter, I think she is shining, she is doing very well, she is very successful, celebrate that. I’m on my way, thank God I’m doing well, let’s celebrate that, we no longer have to continue flirting, or continue using: ‘El ex de o la ex de’ in each report. It’s a little difficult for me to talk about the subject, it makes me a little uncomfortable because I think that the past is like (sings): ‘What is past is past’. So you have to close the chapter, you have to turn the page, as a song says there,” he concluded by saying in the interview that Rosado did.

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