Did Taylor Swift take a dig at Kim Kardashian in her song “thanK you aIMee”?  – The NY Journal

Did Taylor Swift take a dig at Kim Kardashian in her song “thanK you aIMee”? – The NY Journal


The followers of Taylor Swift They no longer have to wait any longer to listen to the singer’s new music. As she announced during this year’s Grammy Awards, the artist released her album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ (TTPD) on April 19.

However, among the songs, there is one that is attracting particular attention and has sparked a debate on social networks. Not for musical reasons, but for the name of the song and a possible sting of the socialite kim kardashian.

Music magazine Rolling Stone called the new album “the cathartic confession of a woman who thought she had the age and adult romance figured out, only to realize she knows nothing.” Likewise, the media assures that the 34-year-old star appears “confused, bitter, furious, vulnerable and yet more gloriously chaotic than we have heard it before.”

Does “thanK you aIMee” contain a dig at Kim Kardashian?

Amid all the reviews, the site Pop Crave He did not overlook that the song “thanK you aIMee” (Thank you Aimee) has three letters written in capital letters in its title: KIMwhich generated the theory that it is dedicated to businesswoman Kim Kardashian, with whom, in recent years, both had some conflicts.

Regarding the content of the song, “thanK you aIMee” is dedicated to a school classmate who mistreated the singer.

“All the time you were throwing punches, I was building something,” Swift sings in the chorus. In another section, she expresses: “I screamed: ‘F***, Aimee’ at the night sky, while blood poured out.” Before the end, an explanation appears about why she decided to expose that moment of adolescence so many years after her: “Your words continue to resonate in my head,” she says, before ironically saying goodbye to her.

The problems between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian

That the name Kim appears highlighted in the title of a song that refers to abuse and personal growth could be a coincidence. In 2009, a tense moment occurred during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), when rapper Kanye West took the stage while Taylor Swift received an award. The singer snatched the microphone from her hands to say that Beyoncé should have been awarded.

In 2015, Swift presented West with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs and the two sealed their reconciliation. However, the musician released the song “Famous” in 2016, directed at Swift. In the lyrics she claimed that he had made “that bitch” famous. Then the conflict returned.

For her part, Swift stated that she had not given the rapper permission to use her image and that she did not know its content. However, Kardashian showed an edited phone recording between the singer and West. Only in 2020 was the actual transcript of the conversation leaked, in which it can be noted that everything was a lie created by the couple.

The creator of The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD) stated that after experiencing that problem it felt like the end of her career. Having had public opinion against her for so long, she thought she would not be able to move forward. The memory of the person who mistreated her in high school and made her improve seems to be a perfect analogy with that dispute she had with West and Kim Kardashian, according to several users on social networks.

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