Impact decision: Who left ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ today, April 22?  – The NY Journal

Impact decision: Who left ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ today, April 22? – The NY Journal

Eliminacion La Casa de los Famosos

A new elimination took place this April 22 in ‘The House of Famous People 4’ and, by public decision, Alana Lliteras was the one who left the reality show broadcast by the Telemundo network.

On this occasion, the salvations were quite expected, since the grand final of the competition that began in mid-January is approaching.

“The person, the name that is inside this envelope comes from ‘The House of the Famous’ and by decision of the public, who must come out today, after 91 days in this competition… is you…Clovis,” he said.

This is the second blow that the fourth Earth has received, since last week Ariadna Gutiérrez, a Colombian model, was eliminated.

How were the saves in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?

The first to return to the house was Rodrigo Romeh, news to many, since it was thought that after the salvation of Paulo Quevedo by Patricia Corcino, he would be the one who would leave the reality television program.

Then it was Maripily Rivera’s turn to save herself. Seeing the inhabitants again, she addressed the members of the fourth Fire to tell them that they lost their vote and also told them two of her most recurring insults: hypocritical and false.

The farewell to Clovis Nienow

On Telemundo Realities’ Instagram account they released a message after the elimination announcement and highlighted several special moments and characters that the heartthrob gave inside the house.

“OMG! Clovis is the one eliminated from ‘The House of Famous 4’. The craziest, happiest and most in love inhabitant of the house today says “goodbye” and all of his fans are heartbroken. He leaves a legacy of unforgettable characters such as Aunt Cookie, Aunt Gladys, Britney, and the creation of the two house pets: Petunia and Jacinto, the chicken and the rooster who united the Tierra group when it had not yet been divided and were happy despite the difficulties. Clovis Nienow was always the conciliator of the group and even after Lupillo left the group, he continued to treat him with affection for a long time, being in charge of comforting Ariadna and becoming a great friend of Romeh, who was saved this time from elimination,” he said.

Furthermore, they commented: “His departure will be very painful for Tierra. But without a doubt, the one who will miss him the most (probably) will be his unrequited love: Aleska. Who will tell him romantic things? Who will give her massages and pamper her more than that big blue-eyed boy who captivated all the fans of the show? But above all… Who will make her smile when she is sad?

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