Do I have to renounce my nationality of origin to obtain US citizenship?

Do I have to renounce my nationality of origin to obtain US citizenship?


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The sense of belonging outside the place in which we were born leads us to obtain a better life qualityand many people find it in the USA, so they immediately consider the option of citizenship of this territory, but many question whether to access it you must renounce the one you have of origin, and this is what the law of the Government of the American Union.

Naturalization by request is one of the opportunities that everyone can access. foreign person, and with it you can obtain the same rights and obligations of a American citizen more, but at the same time, there are those who are afraid that by being part of this North American country They have to renounce their roots, origin and land where they were born, so today we will talk about this topic.

Be careful, it is important to mention that in addition to living for a certain time in USA, You must also undergo a exam of civic knowledge and mastery of language, Because if you fail this it is not possible for you to obtain your new documentation as a naturalized American more, so be careful, because this is what the laws say about the place where you were born.

Does United States citizenship allow me dual citizenship?

According to United States Governmentis one of the few in the world that allows you to have double nationalityso without any problem, you can keep your citizenship of originand without you having to say goodbye to the name of the country or territory where you were born, already continuation We also tell you what it means to have double belonging and if it interferes with something in the future.

Generally speaking, the person who has double nationality It means that it has two legal ties, so it can enjoy endless rights but at the same time it also has the implications that this implies, so it responds to them and is under the protection and supervision of both. nations; Be careful, it is important to mention that although the North American country has no problem granting the citizenship so that people keep their nationality of origin, it is important that you verify this because your territory may not see it as a viable or acceptable option.

It should be noted that there are some nations that allow having two or even nationalities that the person wants, but this in turn brings some complications, in terms of rights They’re starting to get a little questionable.


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