What surnames could make it easier to obtain citizenship in the United States?

What surnames could make it easier to obtain citizenship in the United States?

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Obtain citizenship of USA It is a process that many foreign citizens desire due to the rights it confers, however, to complete this procedure it is necessary to go through a process of different steps to be eligible as a candidate to carry out the naturalization process. In order to become US citizens, many people must wait a long time while living and working legally in the country.

Although the migrant population largely covers the total population of the American Union, there is a belief that there are some surnames that make it easier for the immigration authorities to grant the possibility of becoming a citizen of the United States. USA, Today we will share with you whether this consideration is true or it is merely an assumption.

In addition to being able to live and work completely legally and permanently, the Procedure US citizenship also grants the possibility of having access to social programs exclusive to US citizens, it also grants the legal authorization to transmit US citizenship to children, even if they were not properly born within the territory of USA.

Is it true that some surnames can facilitate obtaining citizenship in the US?

Although many people have the idea that some surnames They facilitate obtaining US citizenship and there are even lists that present the supposed veracity with which naturalization procedures are accepted, the reality is that it is absolutely a myth. He last name that you have or that you have acquired if you have married a person who has American nationality does not influence theThe citizenship process.

According to the immigration authorities of USA he last name that the applicant has does not influence in any way the possibility of obtaining citizenship. He Procedure Naturalization is requested and carried out in a general manner for all applicants and interested in obtaining this nationality, all interested parties must meet the same requirements for their process to be authorized.

The necessary requirements to be able to carry out the American visa application are the following: having lived legally in USA for a minimum period of 5 years, have basic knowledge of the English language, be of legal age, have married a person who has US nationality, be a son or daughter of a person with American citizenship and accredit the citizenship exam required by the immigration authorities.

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