Dog lover wins lottery and donates everything to shelter

Dog lover wins lottery and donates everything to shelter

win the lottery It is the dream of many, and the number of things that can be done with money is innumerable, from vacations to paradises to the business of your dreams, anything is possible, and this was demonstrated by a man with a big heart in Massachusetts, United States.

Paul J. Riley, an older adult, was the winner of a grand prize of 4 million dollars which he collected very happily with his Raven mascot.

The man posed very happy with his little friend and his huge check issued by the State Lottery. Massachusetts in the United States.

The game in which he participated was 199x Cash, You bought your ticket at a store called Summit Variety In the town of Peabody and with taxes they were 2 million 600 thousand dollars, which Riley he gladly accepted.

Considered an animal lover, Riley He said he will buy a car with his wife and will also donate part of the money. award to Animal Rescue League, an organization that has several branches in multiple locations in the United States and that serves thousands of lomitos a year.

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Even the store that sold the prize will receive a prize of 40 thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket; As if that were not enough, the probability is very low since it is 1 in 5 million 376 thousand.

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