Sasha Sokol responds to Luis de Llano regarding his Ley Magno initiative

Sasha Sokol responds to Luis de Llano regarding his Ley Magno initiative

Despite trying to stay away from making statements about the legal process he maintains against Luis de Llanosinger Sasha Sokol commented on the producer’s support for the controversy Magno Law.

When questioned by the press about her opinion about Luis de Llano’s support for this Law that seeks protect men accused of sexual abusethe former member of Timbiriche said that she supports an equitable law, but questioned whether it was supported by someone who accepted being guilty.

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“It seems essential to me that the law is equitable for men and women(but) it surprises me in some painful way that a person who has publicly accepted the illicit relationship he had with a minor promotes this law,” he responded.

On March 8, 2022, the former member of Timbiriche decided to file a complaint against Luis e Llano for sexual abuse, as she said, they had a relationship when he was 39 years old and she was just 13, a practice also known as grooming.

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After this, a legal fight began over several accusations including sexual abuse and moral damage since Sokol’s image was also compromised.

What is the Magno Law?

At different times Luis de Llano has defended himself against the accusations and has sought to protect himself, he even assured that he will use all “the means of challenge to which I have the right so that finally, a decision is made in equity about what I have claimed and I can finally enjoy a true access to justice”.

He even came to the Senate in December 2023 to support the Magno Law which is an initiative that seeks to protect men accused of sexual abuse as long as the victims do not present a formal complaint.

“I am Luis de Llano Macedo and I am in favor of this initiative of Magno Law which today is proposed and promoted by Mr. Mario López, so that equal and legal conditions are generated between men and women,” he said at a meeting in which other celebrities were present.

Well, he pointed out that it is part of the “statistic of those who, for the simple fact of having success, position, prestige and image, have attacked me with the lowest infamies, which have not only impacted me, my family and my environment, but to many men, who by the simple fact of having this gender are already victims of a few who do not tempt their hearts and then generate social waves against those who have even helped them.”

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Some celebrities who have joined the push for this Magno Law are producer Coco Levy, accused of sexual harassment by actress Dana Ponce, as well as Héctor Soberón, actor accused by his ex-partner Michelle Vieth of having broadcast an intimate video of her without Your consent.

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