“Don’t mess with my body”: This is how Angélica Vale EXPLODED against a reporter |  VIDEO

“Don’t mess with my body”: This is how Angélica Vale EXPLODED against a reporter | VIDEO


Angelica OK He continues to cause a sensation due to his new physical change that has been so radical that it has not gone unnoticed by anyone. During the last few months, her weight loss has been the main topic of conversation in all of her meetings with the media, in which they continue to question her about it, which apparently already has her fed up. In recent days she couldn’t help but confront a reporter and burst out demanding respect for his body.

The new appearance of Angelica OK It has brought her more job offers, the attention of the public and the press, who are more aware of her projects, something she has been grateful for. However, everything has been positive, since, time and again, she has had to detail the arduous process she carried out to recover her slim figure and lose several kilos, thus seeking to look and feel better, well, let us remember that it also did for health.

Every time she faces the press she can’t stop them from talking about her body and in her most recent interview she vented her fury in front of the cameras. The actress was invited to the celebration of the 200 presentations of the play ‘Wiz’ in which Lucerito Mijares has a leading role. On her way out she had a small meeting with reporters who were waiting for her and one of them urged her to continue asking her about her physique, which she did not think was appropriate.


Angélica Vale asks them to stop talking about her weight loss

Faced with an uncomfortable question, the host of ‘Juego de Voces’ could not avoid the reportera and exploded against her, surprising everyone present with her abrupt response. Vale expressed that, although her physique has changed, she is still the same person and urged them to stop questioning her about her weight loss, implying that she will not answer those types of questions again. .

“Oh! How barbaric! What a joke you’re giving me, how stupid! Yes, I lost weight. What is the problem? I’m still the same person, no more than now without any extra kilos, and that’s it! […] You are absolutely right: they should not mess with the bodies. Do I mess with yours? As it is, don’t get involved,” said the actress.

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