Drake Bell reveals he was in crisis when he disappeared

Drake Bell reveals he was in crisis when he disappeared

Drake Bell revealed that he thought about take your life not knowing how to face the sexual abuse that he suffered at the age of 15 and other situations that made him enter into crisis.

It was in an interview with Yordi Rosado, where Drake Bell spoke about his disappearance in April 2023 in Florida, and the relapse when facing criticism that said he had a false love for Mexico, since he had only arrived in the country to evade complaints in USA by crimes against minors.

According to the 37-year-old singer, he began consuming substances and drinking alcohol after the sexual abuse that he suffered from the dialogue coach Brian Peck.

“I knew I could drink or put something inside my body that would at least make me forget, but that was worse. Because you’re alone and you can’t go through it properly.”

However, he said that He managed to stay sober for six and a half yearsuntil new problems appeared that brought him to a point of “break“.

Bell He explained that when he was reported as missing In April 2023, it was in crisis. That state was detonated by those who accused him of having a false love for Mexico and accused him of taking refuge in the country to escape the accusations that he had in Los Angeles for crimes against minors, of which he pleaded guilty.

“The way everything was being presented made it look like he had found in Mexico a kind of shelter or protectionThey really were horrible things. All of that started to build up and build up until I reached a breaking point and started in this spiral and my mental state was completely affected.”

After that, he said that after almost seven years he relapsed into his addiction to alcohol. alcohol.

I had been sober for 7 years, I hadn’t drunk, but when this whole situation started I knew I needed just one push to get me off my plate.

“I started in this spiral again and that’s when the story went viral. news that I disappeared. I just rented a car in Florida and drove non-stop. I stopped in bars, trying to drown out my problems, without answering my family, she said in the interview.

In that period, his emotional stability He was so fragile that according to Bell, he considered taking his own life.

“There were times when it crossed my mind. But I really just wanted to disappear, I didn’t know what it meant, but I didn’t want to be present anymore. I started saying horrible things to my family. “I didn’t know how to move forward.”

After relapse, and upon deciding to return home, his brother was a great support, as he found a clinic where they could support him to regain his stability.

“It was the alcohol and other things that I was trying to go to rehab for, but really it was my state of mind. “I didn’t know how to handle everything that was happening and I ended up going to the rehab center that my brother found in Nashville, Tennessee.”

After that, Drake Bell He returned to his projects that he had suspended, and found in the latin american public to a large number of followers. recently launched a song in which it counts important passages of your life.

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