With just 1 kitchen ingredient make your plants grow more beautiful than ever

With just 1 kitchen ingredient make your plants grow more beautiful than ever

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If you like to have floors in your house and you are a lover of them, you should know that it is important to have care special depending on many things and characteristics such as what species they belong to or what climate best suits them or even if they are sunny or shaded, so we have to take all these situations into account to make them stay beautiful.

Although it may seem like an easy task, maintaining our plants healthy and free of diseases or pestsrequires giving them the pertinent and necessary care so that they remain well and continue to grow with enormous strength in a very easy and economical way.

Some of the care The most basic thing we can do is offer an adequate amount of water to the plants, without overdoing it, as well as placing it under shade and natural light without it burning and causing damage to the leaves or petals, as well as giving it adequate fertilizers and fertilizers.


The fertilizer that will help you healthy plant growth

The great advantage of making our own fertilizer is that in addition to saving us a lot of money by using ingredients that we have in the kitchen, we can also make sure that it is very organic and natural and this time we will use ricewhich will help us thanks to its properties.

It should be noted that this popular grain is one of the most consumed in all kitchens in the world thanks to all the nutrients which contains thanks to the fact that it has fiber, carbohydrates such as starch, protein, little fat, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins from group B, B1, B2, B6 and E.


So to make this fertilizer we will only have to follow a few simple steps, since you will only have to soak the rice, since what we need is the water from this grain, since that is where all the nutrients of the rice go and only We will have to water with this water both on the ground and on the leaves and branches.

In this way, you will be helping all your plants to continue growing very strong and healthy, since the best thing is that you will not have to spend a single peso, since you can kill two birds with one stone and prepare and cook rice to eat, while that you take advantage of water and its properties for your plants.

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