Drake Bell takes the stage with Grupo Firme. Is there a collaboration coming?

Drake Bell takes the stage with Grupo Firme. Is there a collaboration coming?

A totally unexpected moment occurred during a band concert Firm Group when a American celebrity was invited to scenery.

Although the band led by Eduin Caz has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months for the alcohol problems of the vocalist and because of the rumors of the dissolution of the groupare currently on tour.

Firm Group attended the Autlán Carnival 2024, in Jaliscowhile giving his Show They became aware of the presence of Drake Bellthe protagonist of the iconic series “Drake. &“Josh”.

Eduin Caz did not hesitate to invite him to the platform where he entered guitars and lights, drake He did not hesitate to greet and hug the members of the group and even a shot of tequila They invited him.

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“There is a rule, whoever gets on stage takes it,” he shouted. Eduin Caz into the microphone while the audience applauded the presence of the actor.

After the meeting, Bell went backstage and the band continued with their show, according to what was published on the account. instagram from Grupo Firme where the moment was shared.

Drake Bell has been seen in Mexico frequently

It is no secret to anyone that Drake Bell enjoys spending time in Mexico, in fact, his fans usually receive him with comments like “Drake, brother, you are already Mexican”, on social networks before each surprise appearance of the actor in Aztec land.

Last November, for his special performance “The Castle of Terror 2023” in the Naucalpan Arenahe International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) decided to give his assistants something more than a scare, because Drake Bell performed at the event.

With everything and his mask He landed in the middle of the ring to introduce DMT Azul, As soon as he unmasked he caused the cheers from the publicwho received him with great affection.

“Hello, thank you very much for inviting me. I love being here in Naucalpan! I love wrestling! Long live wrestling!” said the singer gave to his audience.

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