Mayonnaise brand finally forgives Pedrito Sola and repeats commercial after 16 years [Video]

Mayonnaise brand finally forgives Pedrito Sola and repeats commercial after 16 years [Video]

It seems like yesterday when Pedro Solaalso known as the “Uncle Pedrito”appeared on the screen Windowing to do it mention of one of the sponsors of the program, as it happens CommonlyHowever, everything changed when when mentioning a mayonnaise brand ended up confusing her with competencean error which was even instantly realized account.

It even became popular “how stupid I am” which he expressed to himself after notice the error into which he had just fallen, what few or perhaps no one would imagine was that years later and within the framework of the day of love and Friendship this company made peace with the DJ and even will allow you to repeat the mention on air to make up for what happenedbut that moment did come.

Did Pedro Sola “make peace” with a brand of mayonnaise?

He issue It is not recent, since it was a few days ago when the owner of the show program of Aztec TV, Paty Chapoy, shared to air who received a petition which had the purpose of collect signatures with the intention of getting the driver to repeat the mention of mayonnaise.

Chapoy questioned whether he would accept the opportunity, to which Alone He answered yes; However, he was not sure if the company I would accept your participation.

And since there is not term that it is not fulfilled, it was the late of this Wednesday when during the broadcast of the magazine programChapoy indicated that live and on national televisionl, Pedro Sola would do the same thing again mention which at that time was seen stained due to a stumble name and even using a similar clothingfor which the presenter asked for a applause.

After the cries of “another chance” the spot began, which pauses when the time comes to mention the brand of the product with a touch of suspense with a camera even focusing on the members of the production who joined hands to ask that he not make a mistake.

It is after mentioning the name that A bottarga of the product appears to give him a bouquet of red roses, and mariachi music is heard in the background.

He advertising space ends with the appearance of Sergio Sepulveda who assures that it is the “reunion of the year”after what formula mates The presenter applauds him.

As it was expected, Peter He also shared it with joy in his social networks through a publication. “16 years after that famous commercial, TODAY I am going to show you that the special touch is in adding…HELLMANN’S MAYONNAISE!”.

What was Pedro Sola’s embarrassing mistake like?

It was in 2008 when the driver Pedro Sola I had to prepare some tacos that contained breaded chickenbut indicating that “special touch” was the mark of the mayonnaise that 16 years later he forgave; However, something happened to him at that moment that he ended up mentioning his main competitor, so he quickly turned viral and even a meme.

Finally, it should be noted that Pedro Sola has repeatedly been questioned in interviews about the consequences that this fact had, since He assured that in addition to how embarrassing it was for him, he had to pay the Ajusto television station 75 thousand pesos that were discounted in fortnightsbut he even thought they were going to fire him.

Originally published in The Sun of Puebla

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