Dressed as Joker, student attacks his teacher

Dressed as Joker, student attacks his teacher

A high school student attacked his teacher with a knife dressed as the Joker; he was not arrested.

Violent events occurred inside a high school after a 12-year-old boy dressed as the character “The Joker” attacked his teacher with a knife.

According to what was reported by local media, the situation occurred in a school located in Boca del Río, Veracruz.

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It also emerged that the minor who was dressed as the “Joker” attacked his teacher who was teaching the subject of Civic Education and Ethics with a knife.

Witnesses said that the student was taking class when he suddenly asked permission to go to the bathroom.

Moments later he entered the classroom dressed and made up as the DC character from the Batman comics, the “Joker.”

On the other hand, it was detailed that he had a knife and while trying to carry out the attack he began to laugh like the villain.

The teacher was able to remove the knife, so there were no injuries, however, he had to ask for support from other teachers, who called 911 for help.

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The authorities arrived at the school facilities, who notified that they had to go to the DIF Municipal.

It should be noted that the boy was not detained, so he returned home with his family.

Until now, it is unknown about the reinforcement of security measures that could be given to schools so that an event like this does not occur again.

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