Eiza González, stunning in a miniskirt and ‘mirrors’ top

Eiza González, stunning in a miniskirt and ‘mirrors’ top

Eiza González, stunning in a miniskirt and 'mirrors' top (Instagram)

Eiza González, stunning in a miniskirt and ‘mirrors’ top | instagram

Once again, the diva Mexican cinema in hollywoodEiza González, left everyone with their mouths open and stole glances, showing off her beauty and statuesque silhouette in a daring metallic outfit in her last public appearance, during the event Prada Extendsin Miami.

Eiza Gonzalezis also a regular user of Instagram and consented to his followers with a “close up” (approach) of this wonderful outfit mini skirt and metallic “crop top”, with which he undoubtedly stole the heart and the sighs of his millions of fans.

East Elegantbut bold design of the Italian brand, drew attention for this upper garment that revealed its attractiveness abdomen flat and black miniskirt and high-heeled pumps that stylized and made her beautiful legs shine.

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Something to highlight is that this metallic outfit stands out for being made with mirror-like plaid belts, which make it look even more modern and made for daring women, but with great self-confidence, since the miniskirt has openings at the shoulders. sides, so it teaches more than necessary.

At 32 years of age, the Mexican makes it clear that she is not only talented for acting, but also has all the qualities of a professional model of haute couture clothing, well, she not only stood out with this great outfit, but also, that she herself raised her ‘look’ with her attitude before the camera.

From head to toe, Eiza González confirms that she is a monument to a woman, because, unlike other celebrities, the protagonist of “Ambulancia” was not overshadowed by such an avant-garde design, but, quite the contrary, they were the perfect combination between fashion and beauty.

Both her publication of the photos of the event she attended in this spectacular outfit, and the video in which she modeled for her followers, are causing a stir on her Instagram account, since, in hours, they have been filled with hundreds of comments, as well as thousands of “likes”. Even some other show business stars have also reacted.

Due to her beauty, bearing, elegance and the glamor with which the Mexican wears each garment she wears, she is currently the sensation at each fashion event she attends, an example of which is this invitation from Prada to wear one of its luxurious outfits .

In this way, Eiza Gonzalezcontinues to cause a furor with its beauty and elegance to show off whatever they put on it. Without a doubt, she is one of the most successful Mexican women at the moment outside her country and who makes her a real Mexican pride.

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