Elizabeth Hurley reveals what it was like filming intimate scenes with her son as director – El Diario NY

Elizabeth Hurley reveals what it was like filming intimate scenes with her son as director – El Diario NY


The actress Elizabeth Hurley He attracted attention for his latest film project because in the trailer for “Strictly Confidential” he appears in a passionate scene with the actress Pear Chiravarabut not only for that, but because behind the cameras is none other than his son as director.

Hurley, 58, revealed that she felt very comfortable having Damian, 21, on set with her and that she didn’t mind filming those intimate scenes with him behind the cameras.

Him being there made me feel safe and cared for.”, he admitted during an interview with Access Hollywood, in which the brand new director also participated. “It’s very liberating to work with your family,” he added.

During the conversation, the young man acknowledged that, although many people find the situation strange, he does not. He also said that he saw his mother filming scenes in a bikini throughout his life.

“People find it very controversial. Show business has been a fundamental part of my life, so for us it is nothing, It’s part of the business”, he stated.

The actress agreed with her son when she said that his presence on the set made her feel good in general and particularly in those moments that are sometimes a little uncomfortable.

I am relaxed in front of him“, he remarked and added: “It’s relaxing to know that there is someone behind the camera who takes care of you.”

The feature film, whose script was also in the hands of Damian, tells the story of a group of friends and family who return to an island, a year after a loved one (Lauren McQueen) apparently takes his own life. But things are not what they seem and the cause of the woman’s death may have been the result of foul play.

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