Eva Lisa’s ID

Eva Lisa’s ID

In 1989 the scandal wrapped up Miss Venezuela. A new indication that the winner (as had happened years before with other candidates) had not been born in the land of vibrating Arauca put the magnifying glass on the contest.

The tall and stunning blonde is called Eva Lisa Ljung. The Friday after her coronation, she received the press at her home in Bello Monte. Before, it was customary for the incoming queen to receive the media at her residence, surrounded by her relatives. The photos in the bed of five-star hotels, reading the press, came later.

The night of the coronation, as soon as the two candidates were left holding hands, a paper began to circulate with the address of the two finalists. One was that of the blonde, who with an accurate verb gave all the interviews and a few headlines. “We misses are the fantasy of the people” was one.

What perhaps he did not calculate is that his own would fall that weekend. The Saturday after her coronation, a newspaper published the supposed copy of Eva Lisa Ljung’s ID. And in the section where she said her nationality you could clearly read: Swedish. That is to say, she was not born in Caracas, much less in any city of Lara, the entity that she represented. No. Her origin, like her last name, was Nordic, but not from northwestern Venezuela. She but European.

Immediately, Miss Venezuela (Osmel was already there) took the bull by the horns and on Monday, as soon as the day dawned, he sent Eva Lisa on a media tour. Without prior notice, more than an early call from the Fifth to the journalists who were waiting for her in the newsroom.

And so Eva Lisa Ljung came to each one; just as I tell it, with a card up my sleeve. “I’ve come to clear up the rumors,” she said after “Good morning”, which the manual of good manners sends… And wham! Like the best of magicians, she opened her hand and her identity card appeared. But this one was white and it said: Venezuelan. In two days she was nationalized and got a new ID. As the urban legends of the previous government of the contest say: they were also staged, but well staged.

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