Rebel Wilson claims that a member of British royalty invited her to a party with drugs and orgies – El Diario NY

Rebel Wilson claims that a member of British royalty invited her to a party with drugs and orgies – El Diario NY


The actress Rebel Wilson He left everyone wondering when he claimed that a member of the British royal family is closely linked to a series of “wild” parties that took place ten years ago.

It was in her memoir, ‘Rebel Rising’, where the comedian revealed that in 2014 she was invited by a member of royalty to a nighttime event where she They consumed drugs freely and everything was ready for orgies to take place..

“I received a last-minute invitation to a tech billionaire’s party; “The man who invited me, who is fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne, had told my friend that they needed more girls,” Wilson wrote in his book.

Without revealing the precise location of the party, he described the place as some kind of ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles. According to the artist, the theme of the meeting invited attendees to show off in a medieval style, so the actress recalled that she dressed in a “damsel outfit” and hat.

“The party was crazy. The men competed on horses in a field while the women were half-naked in the pool. The property was huge and since it was far from the city, the guests were assigned rooms so they could stay the night there.

According to Wilson’s story, during the night a huge private fireworks show was displayed and around 2 in the morning a man began handing out candy to the guests. Immediately, she understood that they were not just candy, but that the snacks contained “Molly” (ecstasy). When she asked the screenwriter she had been talking to what it was about, he replied: “It’s for the orgy… orgies usually start with these things at this time”.

At that moment, Wilson understood the comment about the need to invite more women to the event.

“They weren’t talking about a ratio of boys to girls like it was an eighth-grade disco. They were talking about an orgy! ”Recalled the actress, who assured that she had no desire to participate in that type of party. “I ran out of the place as fast as I could.“, wrote.

Furthermore, in his memoirs Wilson revealed that a Jordanian prince offered him $2 million dollars to spend a weekend together, but she refused.

The actress also pointed out Sacha Baron Cohen and accused him of inappropriate behavior on the set of “The Brothers Grimsby,” a film in which they both starred. The artist recalled feeling “scared” during filming, since Cohen had previously asked “that she be naked” in a scene.

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