Evaluna and Camilo are expecting their second baby and even revealed his name

Evaluna and Camilo are expecting their second baby and even revealed his name


One of the favorite couples of many is once again giving something to talk about and this is because of very good news and that is that Eva Luna and Camilo have announced that they are waiting for her second babywhich has gladdened the hearts of the Montaner family and their fans, who hope with great enthusiasm that now Indigo Have the company of your little brother and the family will grow much more.

For a few days now, the rumor about an alleged pregnancy It was very strong but until now the singers confirmed the news in a quite original way as they had done with their first baby, so on this occasion they did not want to be left behind.

The young couple announced the actress’s pregnancy through social networks where they not only reported this great news in a way that only they know how to do, but they also did so accompanied by a photo of both of them and a video published on Instagram and YouTube.

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In the cute image that the Colombian and the Venezuelan shared, one can observe a small shelter made of fabric and plastic with the aim of spending time there for their first-born daughter and the baby they are expecting, of which it has not yet been revealed whether it will be a girl or a boy.

The poem that Camilo recited to Evaluna for her pregnancy

In the video, you can see how they are putting together the house for their children, while Camilo recites a poem to him that he wrote for Evaluna and you can hear in the background the beautiful words he dedicated to his wife before finding out about this second pregnancy.

“Evaluna fertile, mother never ready. Walker discovered on the march. Calm’s new daughter and fan’s murderer. She is the owner of all Sundays and the caller of showers and downpours. Bathtub taster and volcanic diver. Accidental baker. Excellent for intentional lack of skill. Spring through. Calendar violator. Anticipator of Christmas and mother of Amaranth and Indigo,” says Camilo’s poem.

Likewise, you can see the baby bump of Ricardo Montaner’s daughter, although until now it is not known how many months she has been pregnant, but her belly is already noticeable. “This poem was written to me by Camilo before we found out that we were waiting for you. On a flight from Madrid to Miami we began to imagine you with a name and a couple of weeks later we found out that you were already accompanying us.”

“How excited we are to meet you. Your older sister already wants to take care of you. Amaranto, we feel honored to be your parents. Thank you God for the privilege of being your home. Officially, the Echeverri-Reglero are FOUR,” Evaluna added.

In the video you can also see that this little house is not only made for Indigo, but they also announce the new baby’s name, who will be called Amaranto, thus making the name of Camilo and Evaluna’s second baby known ahead of time.


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