Evaluna raises the temperature with bikini photos to show off her pregnancy – El Diario NY

Evaluna raises the temperature with bikini photos to show off her pregnancy – El Diario NY

Evaluna Montaner

Evaluna MontanerVenezuelan actress and singer, published a carousel of photos on her Instagram account in which she was seen showing off her belly while putting on a brown swimsuit.

On her Instagram account, the famous woman was seen on the beach, with a relaxed attitude.

In addition to this, he wrote in the publication: “Hello, hello. The belly is growing and so is the smile. Here are some things from this month, I love them. By the way, I directed the video for Nicole Zingagno and Camilo’s new song ‘Mimos’. I loved it. I hope you do too”.

On the artist’s Instagram account there were hundreds of comments for this publication. Some messages that were read were: “Indi’s little feet connected with Mother Nature, the most essential thing”, “I don’t know about you, but I see her thin. Cami, you should eat more.”

There were also those who asked for respect for Evaluna with messages such as: “Impressive people who go without any type of empathy and attack left and right.”

In February of this year, Ricardo Montaner’s daughter shared with her audience that she is expecting her second child, with which the family she has with Camilo grows.

«This poem was written to me by Camilo before we found out that we were waiting for you. On a flight from Madrid to Miami we began to imagine you with a name and a couple of weeks later we found out that you were already accompanying us. How excited we are to meet you. Your older sister already wants to take care of you. Amaranto, we feel honored to be your parents. Thank you God for the privilege of being your home. Officially, we Echeverri-Reglero are FOUR,” reads the publication he recently made.

The relationship between Evaluna and Camilo has been widely followed on social networks, not only because of the fame that both have achieved with their careers, but also because of the romantic moments they have lived and have made the public fall in love with.

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