Japan enters crisis due to F2P games and unauthorized purchases

Japan enters crisis due to F2P games and unauthorized purchases

Recently, the government of Japan has expressed its concern about the growing number of complaints that are received daily from the parents of children and young people in that country. Well, these complaints are mostly focused on the fact that quantities of purchases in games are recorded F2Pwhich we are not talking about low amounts, but rather extremely alarming amounts for their pockets.

Japan is concerned about the growing number of complaints regarding spending on games by children and young people


According to the latest report revealed by the Japanese media, they have estimated that the amount amounts to more than ¥330,000 yen ($2196.71 dollars) in game purchases, this amount is only what has been reported, but it is believed that this figure may increase as further research is done.

As a result of this increase in transactions, the authorities have received the corresponding complaints and the majority are from parents who report these purchases made by their children without their authorization. Japan’s National Center for Consumer Affairs has already received more than 4 thousand complaints online of parents, in which the issues that stand out are “children make payments without permission”. This also goes hand in hand with the fact that they have also received reports from parents that the charges that were made were even millions of yen, and this figure is from the year 2022.

For just the third month of the year 2024the National Center for Consumer Affairs of Japan is already receiving more than 3,100 queries, so they have given a series of indications regarding these unauthorized purchases, one of these indications includes not sharing the passwords of the accounts they use.


These cases of unauthorized purchases are not new, since these cases despite having a certain restriction regarding having to depend on an adult to have an account for certain games, if not all games F2P. There are many children and young people who create game accounts like “adults” so as not to have restrictions on purchases.

This practice is quite common and has become increasingly popular not only in Japan, but also around the world, although in terms of games that require investing either too much time or a good amount of money, they are famous F2P Porridgegames like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rdetc.

So far it is not known what type of measures those in charge of the National Center for Consumer Affairs of Japan will take, since they have not given new statements, but from what has been presented from 2020 to the present. It would not be unusual for them to take drastic measures, just as China did with mobile games and minors, those restrictions in the country of China went so far as to eliminate accounts in which they had invested a fairly large amount of money if they were It was detected or reported that it was a minor who had that account.


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