Ex of Evelyn Beltrán, Toni Costa’s girlfriend, says that there was infidelity and that she did everything possible to save the relationship

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People en Español magazine published an article in which the ex-partner of the new love and Spanish dancer Toni Costa’s girlfriendthe model and former beauty queen, Evelyn Beltran, named Timbo Domínguez broke the silence just like the driver did Today months ago, Adamari Lopezand confessed to the magazine having done everything possible to save the relationship with the mother of his childwhile acknowledging that there was an alleged infidelity by the Mexican.

I did everything I could to keep my family and relationship together.since family is very important to me. The only reason he could give me was that he was no longer happy. It was not until October that I found out about the infidelity“, said Timbo Dominguez. By profession bodybuilder and who is the father of Evelyn Beltrán’s son, Toni Costa’s new girlfriendwho almost a year ago separated from the star of Telemundo, Adamari Lopez.

Some days ago, Adamari Lopez surprised everyone by sending a strong message to Toni Costa and his new girlfriend, Evelyn Beltrán: “For me this is nothing new, it seems to me that what we have to do is always wish him much happiness, many good things, because everything that one wishes to those around us has repercussions, especially in my case, with my daughter and what I want is for my daughter to be well”. However, Evelyn Beltrán’s ex had remained silent until nowto.

Timbo Dominguez exclusively told People en Español that his relationship with Evelyn Beltrán lasted eight years and ended seven months ago. In their time together Timothy was born, who is now five years old. Evelyn Beltrán’s ex-partner assured, as Adamari Lopezthat: “Does not think anything” of Tony Costawho has not interacted with him. At the same time, he confessed that, with the mother of his son, communication is basic and the reason to deal with is precisely the son of both.

He also added that he started a new project of micropigmentation of the scalp. Same treatment as Tony Costa some time ago. Evelyn Beltran’s ex He also assured that he is single, focused on his work as a father, since the child spends half the time with him, and on bodybuilding, since he plans to compete very soon.

While, Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltran They were very happy on her 27th birthday. In the same Toni surprised her by taking her friends from Austin to Miami. There is no doubt that these lovebirds are happy and very content. For its part, Adamari Lopez She is also at an incredible moment in her life, where she feels safe, also full in her shared parenting work with Toni Costa and undeniably, more beautiful than ever.

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