Genshin Impact can be played from the cloud with this version

Genshin Impact can be played from the cloud with this version

Thanks to Genshin Impact Cloud, the popular gacha video game has reached a much larger audience, and thanks to the possibility of playing only with an internet connection without the need to download or have a sufficiently powerful device, it opened the doors to many players. But it also allowed them to revive an old request, and this version could have brought the title of Hoyoverse to consoles nintendo switchthe company’s great debt with the players.

Genshin Impact Cloud is one of the best ways to play the title

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For some time now, the renowned company Hoyoverse He launched Genshin Impact Cloud, initially only available for China, where the title comes from, but little by little it expanded to reach many more countries around the world, although they are still limited only to the Asian continent, such as Laos or the Philippines. And although the cloud version is only available in that region, many players with accounts in those countries have managed to share their adventure in this game.

The version Genshin Impact Cloud It allows players to live the complete experience of the title in a comfortable way in various aspects, the most obvious being playing without the need to own a device powerful enough to handle the technical demands of Hoyoverse delivery. On the other hand, one of the advantages is not having to download the game in memory, and today, with all the content available, Genshin Impact is a fairly heavy title that takes up several gigabytes on any type of device.

And this cloud version reopened an old wound on the part of the players that they do not forget: the version of nintendo switch, being that playing from the cloud was the perfect opportunity to bring Genshin Impact to this console, something that has been expected since the official announcement of the game in 2020 and that everything indicates that it will not happen, at least in the short term. Although the hope that Genshin Impact Cloud reach the Nintendo console is not yet completely lost, and it is currently in Beta, so its release on other devices and countries is still a possibility.

Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact

But the experience also has bad points, especially because of the long lines to play, since Genshin Impact It runs from its servers, and it depends to a greater extent on how many players are connected at that moment, leading to long minutes of waiting until a session can be found. On the other hand, the user’s connection will be very important to have the best possible experience, not only so that the game runs as smoothly as possible, but also so as not to have any type of error that leads to being disconnected from the game, starting the wait in line again.

Genshin Impact is a gacha-style video game developed by the company Hoyoverse, and in these almost 4 years that it has been on the market it has become one of the best within this genre, especially for the exciting story that does not present the journey of the “Traveler ”, who is looking for his lost family member. In addition, the exploration of the extensive continent of Teyvat is one of the most important points it has, which is accompanied by a real-time combat system where elements (Cryo, Dendro, etc.) are vital to obtain victory.

Genshin Impact 4.4Genshin Impact 4.4

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