Expansion in the MLB: What are the candidate cities to have a baseball team?  – The opinion

Expansion in the MLB: What are the candidate cities to have a baseball team? – The opinion


Rob Manfred, commissioner of MLB, announced that he will retire in 2029, but that one of his great projects is to expand the Major Leagues from 30 to 32 teams, an ambitious project for only 5 years.

There are several cities that can be candidates and others that seem quite remote, but they can still apply to join one of the organizations that generates the most millions of dollars each year.

Below is a list of three cities that are running as candidates to have a Major League team:

Nashville: This city is one of the names that has been mentioned the most in terms of expansion. It is an area that already has the Titans of the NFL and the Nashville Predators of the NHL and is a sports lover.

It is an area that has space for a large baseball stadium near the home of the Titans and that has a history linked to the Negro Leagues and a Triple A team called the Nashville Sounds, belonging to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Portland, Oregon: Former Nike executive Craig Cheek and former Portland Trail Blazers broadcaster Mike Barrett They are leading the Portland Diamond Project to have a Major League team in this city.

One of the advantages is that if you add a team from the East and a team from the West, Portland would be a favorite. The directors of the initiative have a 164-acre space where they plan to build one of the most innovative sports cities.

Mexico City: Estadio Alfredo Haarp Helú will host two season games this year and will also host two exhibition matches between the Red Devils and the Yankees.

Mexico City and its fans are avid for baseball in a venue with a capacity for 20,000 people. Mexico is also a window especially for Hispanic players who make up a large percentage of the MLB.

One of its great disadvantages is the limits on income due to the volatility of the currency. and another detail is that the stadium does not have a roof, something that causes many games to be suspended during the summer league.

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