The innovative basketball that does not need air and will cost more than $2,000 – La Opinion

The innovative basketball that does not need air and will cost more than $2,000 – La Opinion


The Wilson Sports Products Franchise has revolutionized social networks with the presentation of a 3D printed ball that has the peculiarity that it does not need air to maintain its original shape. This new product is named Airless Gen1.

Without a doubt this is a peculiar proposal that will be launched on the market by the franchise. This new ball had already been presented in 2023 by a great team made up of specialists from General Lattice, the manufacturer of EOS 3D printers and DyeMansion, the company that was in charge of post-processing.

It was time to bring this one-of-a-kind innovation to the world. Wilson has gone where no brand has gone before with the launch of the Airless Gen1 basketball, further inspiring the next generation of sports innovation”said Wilson company CEO Kevin Murphy.

This curious ball has very particular characteristics. In addition to the already mentioned absence of air for optimal operation, The Airless Gen1 has a reticular structure and is made up of eight lobes in the form of panels. These panels are what allow its effective use.

“We have created some extra holes in the ball channels, whichThey are like the black stripe you would see around a conventional basketball” highlighted Nadine Lippa, innovation manager at Wilson.

How much will the Airless Gen1 cost?

This curious model of basketball has the peculiarity that Only 200 copies of it will be put on sale.. This product will only be sold in a limited range of colors: jet black, brown and off-white.

The reason why few Airless Gen1 will be manufactured is because its high manufacturing cost and its complex work in its preparation. In this sense, each ball will have a cost of $2,500 dollars.

Wilson’s team worked on the Airless prototype for years before presenting it for the first time at NBA All-Star Weekend in 2023,” explained Lippa.

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