Famous influencer aired alleged infidelity of a player of the Mexican team “married with children” (Video)

Famous influencer aired alleged infidelity of a player of the Mexican team “married with children” (Video)

Mexican team after being eliminated in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Mexican team after being eliminated in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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Known for her 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 5.6 on TikTok, content creator Amy Rey aired the alleged infidelity of a “married with children” player of the Mexican national team. Through a ‘storytime’, the youtuber narrated the story of a foreign fan who had an affair with a figure from El Tri.

“I was with a famous player from the Mexican national team, but he was married and also had children,” was the title of the video posted on TikTok, which reached 3.5 million views with more than 117,000 likes.


The story places the events in 2013 when the protagonist of the story traveled to Mexico to attend to family matters that led her to look for a job that she finally found in the part of social events as a kitchen assistant. The woman ended up working at an inn that used to host professional players. It was there that she met the soccer player of the Aztec team.

“During dinner I was attending to everyone, but there was a player ‘Cucaracho’ who was very flirtatious with me and saw me all the time. The strange thing is that about three times he asked me for a plate, but he didn’t eat them, as it was just a pretext for me to come closer. At the end of the event he approaches me and he says ‘nice to meet you. Have your tip, thank you very much for serving us,’” he recounted.

After this first contact, love arose between the two and they began a relationship where the player behaved like a prince charming, although he did explain that he lived with the mother of his children. “In reality we are nothing, we are only the parents of the children, in fact she knows that I lead my life as I want and I can go out with whoever I want,” the international with Mexico would have explained.

Two years later: unwanted pregnancy

“My life changed completely, he took care of all my grandmother’s expenses, he rented me a beautiful apartment, he told me that I was no longer going to worry about anything. My life had completely changed overnight, plus I was very much in love with him, ”she narrated.

During the story, the influencer revealed that the follower became pregnant with this player after two years of relationship and that was when she was most disappointed, because he would have told her that he would take care of the baby, but he could not separate from his current partner . “I love you, but I love her,” he told her.

“I never lacked for anything, the ‘cockroach’ did take care of his son, we even had luxuries but I didn’t ask him for anything, just what was fair, but when my son grew up I lent it to him, but later I found out that the player He was saying that our son was his nephew, it broke my heart, I grabbed my son and returned to my country of origin,” he confessed.

How is the situation currently?

Rey ended the story by noting that the player is currently trying to establish contact with the mother of his son to continue maintaining a secret relationship.

“A lot of time has passed since this but he keeps looking for me, he keeps begging me to go back to Mexico to keep seeing his son and that we have a hidden relationship, my son is older and he doesn’t want to see him anymore. If you are watching this video, I want to tell you that I am already rebuilding my life and I am going to ask you to leave me alone, because you are already married because I am not going to accept a hidden relationship and unless you deny your son in front of everyone. world,” he concluded.

Who is the player?

Throughout the story, the influencer fully guaranteed the identities of those involved and at no time was any name revealed, which is why it is not known which player it is. However, through the comments on the video, some Internet users took on the task of, without any proof, pointing to figures such as the Cruz Azul goalkeeper, Jesús Corona.

“Jesús Corona, he has always been in CDMX, the other names have not, they were in Europe or other states”; “It could be Jesus Corona. By 2013 he already had two children and since 2009 he has played for Cruz Azul, a team from Mexico City ”; “It could be Héctor Herrera, Héctor Moreno, Jesús Corona, Salcido, Oribe or Guardado,” they wrote.

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