For former Chivas defender Joel Sánchez, all those who burn coach Fernando Gago with green wood are wrong – La Opinión

For former Chivas defender Joel Sánchez, all those who burn coach Fernando Gago with green wood are wrong – La Opinión

In the midst of the slump that Chivas has fallen into with two painful defeats against Cruz Azul in the MX League and America In the Concachampions, in which the Argentine coach Fernando Gago is accused and pointed out as guilty, the former defender of Chivas and América Joel Sánchez, questioned these criticisms by ensuring that all those who burn the Argentine strategist with green wood are wrong.

In a telephone conversation with The opinion, the so-called “Shark” Sánchez, stated that: “If things had gone as planned for Chivas, right now they would be saying that Gago is a genius, But since the opposite happened, they are making green firewood and that is not fair,” highlighted the defender from Guadalajara, who is one of those who experienced this rivalry from both trenches.

What do you think they are accusing the Argentine Chivas coach Fernando Gago of on social media and in the discussion tables of experts, as the culprit of the defeat?

I think the most comfortable thing at this moment is to burn coach Fernando Gago with green wood, I think that right now he is the most questioned and it must be a difficult situation, but the responsibility does not fall one hundred percent on him. I want to be very clear in my answer and I believe that there are more people responsible for what is happening in Chivas. Especially in the last week where they conceded six goals and didn’t score one, in the end it’s not just the coach.

So is it unfair to burn Fernando Gago with green wood?

I think so, it would be very comfortable, it would be very easy to say that the approach was wrong, that the choice was wrong, you can tell me a thousand things, but in the end the stars, the artists, those who execute, I think they would also have to assume a little bit of responsibility.

And he added that: ”Especially because of what the team represents in social impact. If you realize, the reception they had in Mexico City for the game against Cruz Azul was important and before the duel against América they were serenaded. That’s why people are left with a bad feeling, because they give too much and receive too little.

How can we change all this beaten feeling among Chivas fans?

It is difficult to understand this situation, especially because one would like to see the team in another scenario. Perhaps it is falling short of expectations. There are already two important games against rivals who can be protagonists. I’m talking about the last two opponents (Cruz Azul and América) and the Chivas team has not had much of a response. He hasn’t had much balance and even less emotional stability, that is, there are many things, although I hope the situation can be reversed, to the extent that it helps leave ninth place in Liga MX and return from a three-goal deficit in the Concachampios.

Your opinion regarding the fact that Gago made a mistake by bringing in the young Fernando Torres and that he played with three centre-backs in a line of five, which reduced the team’s power in the attack. They claim that he played with fear. What does that tell you?

It is very easy for many people to talk about this, because if they had played a great game they would be talking more about the player’s good actions than about coach Gago’s discovery. Right now they are talking about how Gago’s inventions caused that defeat, about the expulsion of Torres and everything he brought with him. But no one talks about who executes, makes good or bad coaches.

What do the last two results tell you?

I think that like every Chivas fan, you have a bad taste in your mouth, because it wasn’t just one game, the series was two and it seems to me that the situation was very complicated. While it is true that nothing is written in football, there is a complicated outlook for Chivas.

Does everything seem defined in the Concacachampions?

Yes, especially because of what America is playing. A very convincing victory and I see it as very difficult for Chivas to score more than three goals to come back, but I see it as more complicated for América not to score more goals.

And he ended by stating that: “The truth is that in America they have a very complete team in all their lines, but we hope that the duel is played and at least we see another panorama of what we saw last night,” he concluded.

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Joel Sánchez, a member of the Chivas champion team in the Winter 1996 tournament, raised in an interview with this publishing house the complicated path that Guadalajara has against América in the Concachampions. Photo: Sandra Bautista/Imago7.

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